Play Australian Online Pokies for Ladies

Gambling, or other attributed to the risk activities, is for men as the world knows it 😉 But who, but the women, can truly appreciate lovely slot stories? The software companies strive to indulge our needs and some of them have made it.

If you haven’t tried such a novelty as betting online, I will explain you how it works in simple words. By the way, there is nothing to be scared of.Lady impressed by australian pokies So, let’s show the guys that we are no less good cash getters.
The unbeatable army of the magnificent gambling houses with pleasures can savor your time with dramatic, heartwarming, zingy online pokies Australia for busting the stereotypes girls. So, ladies, what is the gameplan for today?

We have the pokies almost too nice and profitable to use! Want us to show you the way to the higher joy? We will take you out the routine with our engrossing list of never-ceasing slots.

The Most Beautiful Pokies

Online Pokies for LadiesWomen have the eye for the beauties, haven’t they? There are the games, charming in every detail. Arty pokies deserve of the high praise. I appreciate the exquisite things. Do you? The most adorable, beautiful pokies have also higher prizes.

What’s about? Not only we put the value on the glory of the games. So do the designers. Taking into the account that only modern and recent technological solutions allow to make the slots to be so catching due to the animated symbols, bright colors, we observe the high jackpot trend of the latest releases along with that.

Extraordinary Slots

All slots aren’t the same. If you are some kind of a true feature collector, you may set eyes on the whopping games with an unusual amount of reels, lines or special wild, scatter symbols. But get ready, girls, to read the rules, written in the paytable to know what to wish for.

Love Story Games

Love as it is! Fast, tantalizing and blow-minded bonuses in every exclusive pokie, devoted to the timeless value. Slots are the mint of intrigues or fairy tales, whatever ambition moves you. The life’s most treasured moments – the first kiss, sultry night, exchanged glances – can be repeated over and over again, accompanied by cash wins.

Horror Slot Machines

So that I have fallen in love with the Bridezilla graphics and soundtrack, the time the heroine turns into the hot with the rage monster is my favorite one! You surely can thrill your soul. Just in case you are wondering if there are scary games for irrepressible little witches who aren’t unequal to difficulties of life!

Simple Tips to Play Pokies for Free

Till I haven’t tried, I thought gambling was a horrible and tedious thing, but to my wonder everything in it works under the principle of shopping. And in this activity we are second to none, ha-ha! For example, you can try australian pokies for free.

It is something as to get a dress for the rent. Except for one thing, if you lose, you won’t part with your money, but the casino one. If you win, you can keep the dress, sorry, shopping on my mind, gainings to yourself 😉

Online Pokies for Money

For the ladies who are ready to try more serious games than just training and free modes, there are also web pokies for real money. These amusements allow setting a real stake, which might Ladies Play Australian Pokiesbring a cash reward that you can withdraw. This is a type of slots that provides a reality-like gambling experience with all features that an inland staking house has, plus some more.

In addition to having an opportunity to get a prize, online pokies for money create a thrilling atmosphere as you will depend only on your luck and the chances of winning or losing are almost unpredictable.

Basic Rules of the Game in Simple Words

Do you see the button “spin”, click on it to bring the reels into action. Though, you can fix your stake before that, pushing on +/- to increase or decrease it accordingly. Take a look at the paytable to be on the know of the pokies rules. Now do the same and watch it go to work!

How to Make Deposit in Australia?

Ha, I won’t believe you are not familiar with online shopping. I think ladies draw the spending money in with the mother’s milk. So that, having set up the account at an online casino, you can turn to depositing.

First of all, see what a banking option would be more safe and convenient for using. It’s nice if you have a deal with PayPal, there are high chances you can put money on your account via it.

Oops! How to Make Withdrawal?

Don’t be shy to ask how to win back the gainings in the casino. I have got into such a situation and it turned to be not so easy. You need to know the places.

Register with known, safe and respected gambling houses with low wagering requirements. Also, see if the withdrawal banking options suit you, because they can differ from deposit such ones.

Aussie Slots with Bonuses

Slots for Aussies also have various bonuses. You can come across such ones as matching and no deposits, free spins or play, daily and weekly promotions, seasonal and holiday rewards. There are also loyalty programs for regular customers, VIP clubs and high-roller prizes. As you can find a lot to choose from, pick the one that is the most suitable and lucrative for you.

Australian and New Zealand Casinos to Play Pokies

482500470As the gambling entertainment is quite popular in Australia and New Zealand, there are many online betting houses that accept customers from these areas. So it is easy to find venturing amusements for such players, where they can perform without any problems with an access because of the location. Most of the wolf biggest gaming enterprises surely have a huge sector of clients from AU and NZ.

PC and Mobile

Nowadays we can even have an opportunity to choose a device: PC or mobile. So every gambler can find a preferable way of entertaining. For the ones, who prefer the personal computer there are versions for Mac OS or Windows, for mobile users – Android and iOS. Ladies-gamers may even choose the way of entering their favorite amusements: directly through the browser (instant play with the support of HTML5 technology) or have a downloaded program (an application link on casino websites or online markets).

Browser Play

With the invention of Adobe Flash and then HTML5 technology, it has become much easier to open a favorite slot game quickly. So you can act just through the browser without any extra efforts like downloading. And it is possible both on PCs and smartphones (which is very useful for people who like playing on the go). The instant mode is a feature that might attract more customers, as it is indeed very comfortable.


Another way of having a whole casino running on your device is downloading an application. This will allow you to get an installed program and so always be able to perform. You can find the needed app on the website of the chosen betting room or in AppStore and Google Play Market. Just press “download” and in a few moments you will be capable of enjoying the game.

The Blonde Blog

lady_plays_pokiesFor what? Having faced with misunderstandings, I realize the need in blogs though. Unfortunately, not every person can be quick on the uptake, thus refusing from the variety of pleasures. Had the same effect on me. I wish someone had helped me in those times. I would be happy to know my work makes a positive contribution or provides the benefit, what’s even better.

My Biography

I am from Newcastle, Australia. That’s why, I decided to tell my own story of gaming experience to girls, coming from the same city. My blog is bound to make depositing, withdrawing, gambling novelties plain for the ordinary women. It guards against errors, as my target is to tell about pokies without the embellishment.

Why Online Pokies?

I would like to show you some hot, frantic things about the games, knowing how we like dramas. Fortunately or not, there are no evident reasons not to try them.

  1. 1. Simple game rules
  2. 2. Big cash jackpots
  3. 3. Casino bonuses, often attached to pokies
  4. 4. Large assortment
  5. 5. Extra game features, symbols
  6. 6. Wide no download, mobile variety

My Reviews

My reviews will give the whole new perspective, virtually limitless opportunities to enhance newbies in gambling and surprise profs. Gain hands on my experience to build your self-confidence. My aim is to write about pokies to share skills Australian women will use their whole life long.

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