Play Pokies Online in New Zealand

The first thing you have to know – it is legal. Nonetheless, because of the strict law it is harder to find a good online entertainment. Compare to the Australian market, this one is a bit smaller but it still amazes by the range of options for different gamblers.

Types of Online Pokies

The main division is well known: 3-reel and five-reel system. The first option usually consists of one pay line, which is the prototype of the first slot machine ever.

The second one gives more, which multiplies your chances to win in hundreds – you can get a reward by a straight line of needed symbols or by diagonal, including many numbers, pictures, images etc. New online pokies AU tempt to have similarities with particular cartoons, tv serials, comics, shows, celebrities etc!


Classic Slot machine is the father of all pokies. This is the beginning, the very first pattern. Generally one pay line is available, however, there are some types which have 3 and even 5 of them.

Everything is quite simple, including graphics, winning potentiality, bonus system. Meanwhile, this simplicity is clearer for a player and this is what maintains it that popular. It is a good way to start your “pokie career”!


A common title for this well spread amusement is Video Poker. Basically, it is just a way to increase the number of possible combinations which lead you to gain some money. Anyway, it is wrong to consider that 2 more reels bring just more options to win. It also gives better bonuses, higher jackpots and improved video quality.

3D Pokies

3D Pokies

It took some time for software providers to finally create the new generation of online gambling – 3D games, which have taken top places in the charts. In NZ it is one of the most preferable products.

The main feature, of course, is an incredible graphics, all elements are detailed and presented by varieties of colors. It gives real feelings for everyone who wants to try. Especially now, with the growing popularity of the online market, you may turn on your imagination and, due to the new technologies, fell yourself like in a real casino!

Slots with Bonus Features

Each entertainment tries to have some special element which makes a difference from others. For example, scatter symbols do not have to be on the pay line to create a combination. Just the appetence of these elements on the screen is enough to grant a reward.

The other ones, wild symbols, can substitute any other. It allows you to create a combination by yourself. These are just a small part of all current options – look for it in your game and use them all!

Special Deals for NZ

Last reports show that gambling market has increased in 20 times since 1985 in New Zealand and, nowadays, it includes thousands of amusements. Almost half of them, 46 per cent are occupied by pokies. It makes this entertainment so valuable and important.

In purpose to keep current clients and bring new ones, most of the companies create their own attractive systems. It usually consists of many welcome packages and no deposit bonuses. Summing it up, NZ is one of the best places to start your gambling experience.

Free Spins

It is probable the most common type of gifts. They do not require any deposit, however, some of them can be used only if your account has some money. This feature, basically, gives the right to try your luck without a risk of your own savings. In case of having a winning spin, reward will be sent to your bank and you will be able to withdraw them.

Special Deal

No Cash Bonuses

Except the one above-mentioned, there are some other options to get a present, which is not related to money itself. Some of them give a special symbol, which can be used whenever you want. Other ones help to increase your income in the future. Mostly, they require a winning spin for that.

Payments for NZ Gamblers

So, how can you manage to play for real cash? The system is the same as everywhere, except some specifications. The same payment methods exist: you can manipulate using credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, bank debits and money transfer.

The most popular one is a transaction by credit cards – in 99 per cent it is available. POLi, as a money transfer service, is growing its popularity in New Zealand. It does not require a registration in the website. Evermore, you don’t need to have a personal credit card. So, this payment is great for the one who is afraid to show its personal data.


All above-mention options are good for increasing the amount of the account. Most of them work instantly – in couple of minutes you suppose to see your money. NZ players can also use Ukash, called as e-money, which looks like a prepaid card. You can by it in any kiosk and write the code in the account.


No one wants to wait for its money. So, each software producer tries to make this process as simpler and faster as possible. Ways of payments are quite the same. Mainly, gamblers are sending their money to the debit or credit cards.

Sometimes, you may find a Skrill system. It’s an e-wallet which does not exist anymore. In 2012 Moneybookers Company bought it and some pokies did not change the title yet. Anyway, your money will find the final destination!

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