Play Paysafecard Pokies Online in Australia

You feel insecure using your credit or debit card online? Sharing sensitive data on various web services does not fit into your plans? There is the perfect solution that came from Europe over a dozen years ago. It’s the safest and most accessible option to play AUS online pokies while preserving all information in complete discretion.

Aussie gamblers can profit from a prepaid voucher system where the unique PIN code is the only required input for successful deposit. Paysafecard payment method has gained worldwide recognition with 86 million transactions only in 2014.

The popularity is growing progressively. As nowadays the majority of accredited casinos accept this way of depositing money allowing their clients to be confident in complete safety and confidentiality.

Replace Your Balance from Ukash to Paysafecard

The earlier known service of Ukash had similar approach. When totally liquidated in October 2015, Skrill Corporation has merged it with a new service. The users who successfully exchanged their prepaid cards earned more secure and customer oriented connection.

Skrill has not only changed the PIN code from 19 to 16 digits, but created an enormous money transfer system good enough to compete with other giants in the market.

In Australia mechanism has spread over numerous retail places over the country. And literally anyone can easily purchase it while doing groceries or getting some petrol. These days even your smart watch with corresponding application can suggest the needed spots!

paysafecard to use for gambling

Buy a PIN

PIN is the key point of this method. The process of obtaining is quite simple. Have the bought card in the closest outlet with preferred denomination (10, 20, 50 or 100 AUD). Then select the respective pokie depositing scheme, scratch the safety layer on the Paysafecard. And enter the PIN number for the easy transaction.

Another superb alternative for those who wish to stay home and get their 16 digits is a direct online purchase. The company lists the approved vendors on their webpage, thus guaranteeing protected and reliable buy of the code. It is vital to note that you need to convert the Aussie dollars if bought on the foreign powered service.

16-Digit Code for Casino Payments

Gambling market did not stay aside of the innovation. The gamers browsing for slots online Australia will not face any challenge to benefit from prepaid voucher. Once selected, the player has to enter the code and choose amount within the available balance.

Use several cards in turns to increase the deposit. However, unlike the credit ones, one cannot go in minus and bet more than placed in the vouchers. Another important feature of this gambling house method is that the payment is irreversible. Hence, only legitimate casinos can be trusted!

safe banking option to know

App for On the Go

Smartphone application introduced by the company allows its clients to keep the track of activity. You may locate nearest sale outlets and participate in various promos. Australian thrill-seekers can check how much more they can bet. Log into the app, adding their PIN and verify the remaining total sum.

It is an amazing tool to see the previous movements and perhaps even notice suspicious expenses. “On the Go” enables the opportunity to block the codes if requested. Afterwards you can activate the reimbursement plan of remains.

Limits and Fees

Paysafecard is very transparent with its terms and conditions. Find the full list on the main webpage, specific for each country. See the main restrictions and charges listed below.

  • The service is completely free for the whole year of use. After this time frame each PIN balance will be reduced by 4 AUD every month from the existing load.
  • Maximum total transaction cannot exceed 200 AUD.
  • Conversion fees apply for foreign currency payments. It is presented on the company’s website.
  • If refund processed, the charge of 7.50 AUD is taken from the user’s balance.
  • You can use the card 16 digit code for paying, but not for deposing on it. It’s for one way financial movement only.
  • There is the expiry date for the promotional codes.
  • Multiple vouchers held by one person at the same time should not exceed the total sum of 1000 AUD.

The Most Secure Banking

It’s indeed hard to overestimate the benefits of the Paysafecard as banking system. Starting from the customer friendly interface this service is word trusted safety island for millions of pokie fans.

One can profit from relatively free terms of usage and confidentiality across thousands of online providers. There is even no fee for withdrawals from the balance.

The only obvious disadvantage is that one will have to think over the other way to cash out the payouts. Yet is does not diminish the value of the data protection when betting real money and hoping for any luck.

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